Brown Sugar

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Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar is a coming of age poetry/prose zine. In its essence, it is a piece centered around the complexities of young brown girl-womanhood. In just 3,000 words, Brown Sugar plays with ideas of exoticism, racial fetishization, eating disorders, toxic masculinity, queerness, beauty, and tough-girl politics. Brown Sugar reads like a young-girl manifesto, like a fast paced and eloquent tantrum. Born from experiences of the author’s own life, Brown Sugar aims to capture candid snapshots of brown-girl womanhood with as much ferocity as possible. The zine begins with a short piece that tackles the fetishization many women of color face in America. Brown Sugar then transitions to a short narrative about an intimate relationship between two people of color. While this piece is loosely based on the gender dynamics between the two subjects, it speaks to a larger narrative by addressing topics such as eating disorders and whiteness. Next, Brown Sugar includes four short pieces on sisterhood, queerness, and feminine resilience. The zine ends in a sharp critique/manifesto on  performance art and the New York punk scene of color.

this 40 page zine is about brown nipples, women of color, eating disorders, skateboarding,
punk rock, murder, fine arts, strap ons,
flat earthers, bitches and aunties and god.

manifesto/prose/poetry/essays by Ananya Pandya
page count: 40 pages, satin paper
color: black & white
size: 8.5 X 5.5

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